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Fit for Scrum

Join our interactive course to master Scrum, the framework for boosting team performance and productivity, led by industry experts.

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What we offer?

Join our FIT FOR SCRUM course to learn how Scrum, the popular framework for effective team collaboration, can enhance your team's performance. Led by experienced trainers with real Scrum project insights, gain core understanding and practical implementation strategies to improve communication and productivity at work.

Earning your Scrum Education Unit (SEU)

Attending the course qualifies you for 8 Scrum Education Units (SEUs), as defined by Scrum Alliance®

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Who should join?

Software developers and testers looking for a complete overview of Scrum

Professionals wishing to improve their understanding of Scrum

Scrum Masters, Team Leaders and Managers seeking to increase the benefits of this framework


Course contents

Agile Manifesto and Principles

The course will delve into the fundamental Agile Manifesto and its 12 principles, focusing on customer satisfaction, adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Scrum Theory and Values

Understand the underlying theory of Scrum, including the values of commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect.

Scrum Events

Deep dive into the five Scrum events—Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective—to understand their purpose and how to implement them.

Real-world Simulations and Interactive Activities

Engage in simulations and activities that mimic real-world scenarios to apply and reinforce Scrum concepts and practices.

Scrum vs. Waterfall

Explore the differences and advantages of Scrum's iterative approach compared to the Waterfall method's linear, sequential phase-based approach.

Scrum Team

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the Scrum Team, including Developers, Product Owner, and Scrum Master.

Scrum Artifacts

Understand the three artifacts—Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Increment—and their role in transparency and adaptability.

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What will you take away?

Course hand-out

Participants will receive comprehensive materials, summarizing the key concepts, methods, and real-world applications of Scrum learned throughout the course.

Deliver Value to the Business with Scrum

The course emphasizes how to use Scrum to tailor development work to meet customer needs and business objectives, thereby maximizing value and ROI.

Deliver Products Faster with Scrum

Discover how Scrum's iterative approach accelerates product delivery by enabling faster iterations and feedback loops.

Many Different Tools and Techniques to Leverage Scrum

Learn about various tools and techniques that can enhance the implementation and effectiveness of Scrum in your projects.

Deep Understanding of the Scrum Framework

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum framework, including its roles, events, artifacts, and rules.

Understand the History of Scrum

Explore the origins and evolution of Scrum to better grasp its principles and why it was designed the way it is.

Understand the Differences between Scrum and Traditional Project Management or Waterfall

Learn about the fundamental distinctions between Scrum's agile, iterative approach and the more linear, rigid progression of traditional waterfall project management.

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Course details

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Axon Active - HCMC office


8:00 AM - 05:00 PM ICT (GMT +7) Saturday, 22 Jun 2024



Register Deadline

12:00 PM ICT (GMT+7) | Monday, 16 Jun 2024

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Course fees

Early bird

2,500,000 VND

After 10 June 2024

4,500,000 VND

  • Registration is only completed with full payment by transferring to Axon Active Vietnam’s bank account

  • The payment details will be provided on the registration form

  • Upon receiving your transfer, we will send the confirmation within 1-3 working days

  • Due to the limited number of attendees expected, we encourage you to register now. We will later confirm your attendance

For more information, please contact: 028.7109.1234 or email us at


Mr Huy Nguyen.png

Mr. Huy Nguyen

Education Manager at Axon Active Vietnam

  • Master of Science in Information System from the University of Natural Science

  • Lecturer at HCCS (Houston Community College Vietnam) from 2001 to 2013

  • Lecturer in Software Development with Scrum Framework at many universities (Ton Duc Thang University, UIT University, Bach Khoa University, Nong Lam University, Technical Pedagogical University)

  • Responsible for training freshers at Axon Active since 2013 until now

Mr. Duc Bach

Senior Squad Leader at Axon Active Vietnam


Course snapshots


Ready to sign up?

Sign up now and elevate your team's potential with our FIT FOR SCRUM course! Learn from seasoned experts, earn 8 SEUs, and master productivity and collaboration strategies. Transform and lead your team to success!

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